Red Cape

Rauðinúpur is a cape stretching into the sea out of the northwest corner of Melrakkaslétta plain. Protruding 73 metres out of the surrounding plain, Rauðinúpur serves as a landmark for seafarers and affords those who ascend it great panoramic view.

Volcanic Origin

The cape is actually a volcano dating back to the ice age as can be seen from rocky crater bowl within. Its distinctive red colour stems from red lapilli infused with the rock face, hence the name Rauðinúpur which means Red Cape. The richness of the colour is further enhanced on summer nights by the midnight which is magnificent from Melrakkaslétta.

Rich Birdlife

Rauðinúpur is reached by taking the road to Núpskatla farm, off road 85. Consideration must be shown to the birdlife while driving to the farm.

From Núpskatla the walk takes you along the rocky shore, up a rather steep slope to the lighthouse and onwards along a path to the crater. At the tip of the cliff are two sea stacks, one of which hosts a gannet colony.  The walk takes about 45 minutes each way.

The cape and its surrounding area is rich with birdlife and and visitors are urged to watch their step and show consideration to the wildlife, even while driving up to the farm.