Autumn holds a special magic for many. Nature as well as its habitants savour every last bit of summer excitement while preparing and even longing for peace and quiet to settle in. Sheep descend from the mountains and people congregate by the folds to help in the sheep gathering. There is much singing and jollity – an experience not to be missed by many who make this event a regular part of the autumn season.

September is an ideal month to travel through Northeast Iceland with your camera. The dramatic colours of autumn seem to change almost from moment to moment with the ever changing light. The air becomes crisper and shadows get longer. These days of colourful tranquillity make an impression on all who travel through Þingeyjarsýsla at this time of year.

Atumn is harvest time and nature offers a buffet of the summer’s last fruits. All around, heathery hills and heaths are filled with berries and mushrooms abound in wooded areas. Restaurants offer up the best in food and drink and welcome tourists who choose to experience the magic of autumn in Northeast Iceland.