Sléttugangan, hiking

Sléttugangan – Guided hike along Melrakkaslétta plain.
Date: Saturday, August 15th,  2015.

Starting point: Hotel Norðurljós in Raufarhöfn at 9:00.
From Raufarhöfn we walk along the magic Melrakkaslétta plain with all its lakes, along the valley Blikalónsdalur, where they say there is an underground river, and look for the cliffs where the hidden people live. Most of the route is flat, a pretty walk on old trails.

Hikers are picked up at Blikalón and brought back to Raufarhöfn. We visit the swimming pool and sauna, and finally enjoy a dinner at Hotel Norðurljós. After dinner there is a dance for those up to it!
A 27 km guieded hike through a diverse and mysterious area with unspoild nature and history.

Participation fee is kr. 5000 (card transactions not available) . Included: Guidance, transportation, hiking map of the area, swimming pool, sauna and dinner.

Staying at Hótel Norðurljós  before and after the hike is a good idea!

Melrakkaslétta plain is renowned for the natural splendour of its spring and summer nights, a large number of lakes and rich bird life. At the northern extremity of the plain is Hraunhafnartangi point, Iceland’s northernmost extent.

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